Thursday, November 19, 2015

the enemy of art is the absence of limitations - Orson Welles

Pinewoods Campground, Kettle Moraine SF, WI photo credit: Jake Fritzler

NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Post Month involving a blog post a day for one month. on day seven I began to realize that starting a blog for the very first time via 30 consecutive posts feels a bit like jumping right into the deep end without swimmies.

luckily I can swim. I had always wanted to try blogging, yet I'm doing it without much planning and lotsa short deadlines. but I love goal-oriented challenges, love 'em, and this one was my way of making myself stop being fickle and face the dragon. just do it, don't think. thinking will come later. this is okay for me because, well, I'm an overthinker.

so please bear with my tinkering and occasional awkward content flow. oh, and bad jokes, sorry those are here to stay. nothing I can do about that, it's hereditary.

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