Friday, December 9, 2016

twenty-sixteen nablopomo

oh. hi.

kind of dropped off after day 23 of nablopomo, but 23 out of 30 isn't so bad. right? right. i'm not going to blame Thanksgiving because I don't like glorifying busy, and my holidays really aren't that busy (don't hate). I just kind of switched off my internet brain after leaving work the day before and it ended up being a much-needed break.

since we all love lists here's what's happened since then:

ate turkey with the family & celebrated my brother's birthday

watched tons of movies & did a lot of homebody-ing (slippers, sweatshirts, hot tea & lots of blankets)

finished my November Pilates challenge! and have since done nota-whole-lotta exercise :/

Christmasing: lights, tree, shopping!

started doing Sashiko stitching

it snowed once and it was glorious to watch

got some fresh bangs cut and I love 'em