Tuesday, November 10, 2015

California dreamin'

Dome in the Desert via Airbnb

how terrible would it be for me to be researching vacation lodging? ...one month after coming home from vacation. time flies when you're having fun is a cliche expression for a reason. we blinked and our trip was over. not to mention we've gone to this area three years in a row and STILL feel there are so many places we want to visit. (I can't help California being a flippin' giant state.) typically we're campers, but there are just so many great unique places to stay.

so here's a note to self for our next trip (date TBD) with potential lodging ideas. by potential, I mean I kinda have to stay at all of these places at some point.

Hicksville Trailer Palace in Joshua Tree via Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno

Rimrock Ranch Cabins in Pioneertown

Bonita Domes via AirBnB

you do know I could go on and on about this right? maybe not yet.

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  1. Um, it's not terrible to plan the next vacation after returning. I think sometimes that's when you have to do it. Otherwise, you get stuck in the rut of everyday life and forget how amazing vacation can be. Like me. I really should get over my fear that vacation with a babe is just too much of a pain in the ass.