Tuesday, November 24, 2015

closet space is overrated

...unless you want to fill it. that's right, I said it. I'm going to take this moment now to warn you that this is not a "minimalism" or "organize your closet" post. it's quite the opposite actually.
an ode to the full, beautifully messy closet.

don't get me wrong; sure, we all have things in our closet that probably should not be in there (Chucks with holes in both heels, high school soccer jacket, bridesmaid dresses). I will also admit that cleaning out your closet is a somewhat liberating process, and that the end result can in fact feel pretty great. but there are also those other moments, like when you realize that a certain new plaid jacket would look great with my old red jeans I no longer have and are living somewhere in Buffalo Exchange or (gasp!) someone else's messy closet. giving away items that I can't get back kills me. so, to all you shoe and clothes hoarders out there, this one's for you. after all, it is a collection.

I never know what to wear - via Catherine of Wolf Eyebrows

Waiste Blog
pattern greatness via Sara Waiste

my closet contribution shortly after picking up this vintage mushroom gem from Beats & Bohos

Eclectic-vintage-shop feel closet, swoon

Dylana Suarez's closet is multiplying! I love that it literally has grown outside of the original closet.
Dylana Suarez's closet is multiplying! I love that it literally is growing out from the original closet.


  1. I think there is something magical about peering into someone else's closet. Like when I was a little girl and looking for things in my mom's, my aunt's, closets. My grandma would have never let me in there.

    1. I love that sentiment. Wish I had the opportunity to wander in my grandmothers' closets, would've been treasure troves!

  2. I don't think I've ever seen you in that mushroom blouse! It's awesome!

    1. It's hard to pair it with stuff, well with what's in my closet. Plus the dress I usually wear it with is super warm so it's been retired for a wee bit.