Wednesday, November 11, 2015


last weekend Jake, my dad and I attended Kenmore Camera's Digital Photo Expo. Jillian Bell from Tamron gave a lecture on macros and it really rekindled my love for getting up close.

at a young age my dad taught me shooting on his Minolta with the 50mm and 100mm lenses, and a macro photography phase quickly ensued. fast forward back to present day, I'm surrounded by tons of big-skyed landscapes on Jake's and my hiking trips and macro shooting went by the wayside for broader views. having said that, I'm ready and excited to delve into macros and look a little closer again.

you get close enough to something and the distractions go away - Jillian Bell


  1. I love that quote! Beautiful photos!

    1. thank you! I loved that quote too. she was such a great speaker on her macro work.