Friday, November 6, 2015

goin' mobile

every year on our trip to the eastern Sierra Nevadas, I like to stop at a very small home called the Rock Pile in the very, very small (almost ghost) town of Keeler to buy minerals, wind chimes and mobiles. 

Rock Pile art

following our trip this year, I watched Pedro E Guerrero: A Photographer's Journey - a phenomenal documentary on one of my favorite photographers (more on Pedro another time) that used his lens to paint portraits of the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright, Louise Nevelson and Alexander Calder - the creator of the mobile.

Alexander Calder stabiles in Sache, France, 1976, photographed by Pedro E Guerrero.
Credit: Pedro E Guerrero Archives via Thirteen Pressroom

is it the kinetic effect? the speed of the movement? maybe the memory of one dangling over our cribs as a child? I don't know but I truly love it. if you ever have the chance to see a Calder exhibit, make it a priority.
arrow mobile DIY

on the more obtainable side, I highly recommend this mobile DIY via Smile and Wave. I made one for my house and it really is perfect: simple yet very eye-catching. I used a different color, a red stain, to match my house. the movement is great, and withstands windstorms (several tests performed).


  1. I really love the arrow mobile!! I want to make one. It reminds me of all of the cool anthropologie store sets. I always loved the clouds made of paint sticks with varied colors of blue paint on them.

    1. you should make one! such a creative DIY with few materials, super low cost, and great results. I will say that my original twine broke and I had to replace it, but it was old so I shoulda know better from the start since it lives outside in Seattle weather.