Thursday, May 19, 2016

Fonte Romana

I recently had the privilege of having my second piece published on the She Explores travel blog. This particular photo story is on a very special place in my life, Fonte Romana: an area and restaurant near where my mum grew up in Pacentro, Italy.

I thought it would be fun on here to share some behind-the-scenes photographs of friends and family from the last time we visited.

cloudy day in the mountains, but still so beautiful

building near the restaurant

my dad & Jim chatting outside Fonte Romana

my mum on the right (love her laugh) & her cousin Carolina

chilling our Prosecco in the mountain spring water

wild boar prints (and part of a Laura print)

grabbing some coals for cooking in the kitchen

besides the wine (of course), I do miss those lil Crodo drinks

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