Tuesday, May 10, 2016

100 days

at the end of April I started the 100 day project (thanks for the nudge Anika). I decided I didn't want to commit to just one medium so I chose the hashtag #lauramakesfor100days leaving me room to branch out from collage to drawing to watercolor, to maybe even cooking a new recipe every day.

so far I'm on day 21 of collage. it's something I've always loved doing in my journal and it's been a lot of fun. here is my first week, with more to come, and all are posted on IG and Flickr. (Please excuse the horrible inconsistent white balance, sigh, I'm working on it.)

challenge kick-off!

Yes I look forward to many years of looking at the triangles. - George Costanza


Saturday scraps


snip snip

modern art goat


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