Thursday, November 10, 2016


illustration by katie c turner

lately I've been extremely aware of how little I've been making art. at first it felt perfectly natural. then it felt like a slump. now it just feels wrong and I hate it.

fast-forward to last night - at studio e I attended Beyond This Point with Danielle Krysa and Gabriel Stromberg: a dialogue on the creative process and defeating self-doubt. I have been a long-time fan of Danielle Krysa's blog The Jealous Curator and knew she was good people, but it wasn't until I met her and listened to her stories that I knew she wasn't just good people but my kind of people. she is exceedingly candid, open, HILARIOUS, smart, fun, and most importantly - extremely experienced working with many different types of artists. her stories were so inspiring I couldn't wait to get home and spend the next month working non-stop on artwork without sleeping or eating or anything. kidding aside, realistically, I plan on dusting off the cobwebs of my workspace this weekend.

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